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We are going to beat the STAAR Test

Important Announcements

April 17: 9:00 a.m to 2:30 pm - 2nd/3rd GRade GT students go to UHS to work on Lemonade Project.

April 20th: STAAR test (5th grade Math)

April 21st: STAAR test (3rd and 4th grade Math)

April 22th: STAAR test (3rd and 4th grade Reading / 5th grade Science)

April 24th: 3rd grade goes on a Field trip to Cameron Zoo Park

May 1st: 
Kendrick's Cookout

May 8th: Dennis Lee Show is coming to Kendrick

Kendrick Elementary receives Apple grant

Apple Grant

Waco Independent School District is pleased to announce that four of its elementary schools have been selected to receive an Apple grant as part of the ConnectED program. The award will enable Bell’s Hill, J.H. Hines, Kendrick and Provident Heights to provide a comprehensive 1:1 technology solution for every student and teacher, including Apple hardware, software, and services. Click here to read more.